Tech Support

Call us today at 877.309.4099 or email to get assistance from Level 2 Field - Certified Survey Technicians.

AllTerra Central's knowledgable technical support experts are ready to help you with any questions you have. With over 17 years of surveying field experience with Trimble products, you can trust that we can help you with almost every technical question you have.

Every day we help customers with issues ranging from:

  Rover is not getting radio connection
  Limited range on your rover radio
  Base is not transmitting
  Bluetooth issues

Robotic Total Station
  Data collector not connecting with the robot
  Limited range with the robot
  Prism isn't being tracked

Conventional Total Station
Data collector not communicating with the instrument
  How to change the baud rate or a prism constant

VRS Issues
Can't connect to the VRS network
  Login fails when survey starts
  Stays in float after the survey is started

Data Collector Issues
  How to Bluetooth devices
  How to create a survey style
  Touchscreen stops working